How 's Everything?

Hey, long time no see. Are you busy? You're not kind of busy student, I uncertain that you're busy. Haha, kidding :p Yeah, me too. That's a lot of homework to do. Hmm, seems that I always tell this to you. Don't be bored, OK?
And I can guess! You will say that you still don't understand about my school. There are too many assigment, and you still don't undorstand why my teachers always give me many assigment, right?

It's about 3 months you don't give me any stories. Usually you always full of stories,right?
Hmm.... how about Eunhyuk and Yoseob? Still love them really much? Hohoho^^
Have you know? SJ has released new album, A-Cha. Have you seen their MV? They're totally cool, as usual. And I want you know about BigBang. I guess you'll like Daesung, because he is slant-eyed, as you told me that you like someone with small eyes hahahaha.

Do you know? I'm worry because I rarely open my Facebook account for several weeks ago, because I'm afraid that you gave me message but I didn't read it. I don't want you angry again to me. But I was wrong. You never give me any message anymore. Hmm, I think you have new activity, so you never open your Facebook account anymore. Am I right? I hope so...

I tried to played with Omegle again, but I couldn't find someone that easy going, friendly, childish, Kpop lovers, as you. It's amazing, you told me that you like SJ when I recommended them to you. Then you like Beast so much. I agree that Yoseob is cute hahaha...

 Hmm, I'll try to send you a messsage on Facebook. Read it and reply, OK?

xoxo, missing you, Klaudia Cielinska,



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