Burning Souls

This time, I'd tell....um, not tell, i think "share" is a match word (because I co-past this kekeke~)

Yap, hari ini gue mau share tentang my newest bias.Jonghyun-aah,my yeobo kekeke~ *diseret Kyuhyun*

Agak susah nyarinya, dan sekalinya ada funfacts-nya sama aja.Hmm, mungkin karena CN Blue terhitung baru, kan baru debut tahun 2010.Tapi berkat skill kefudulan gue, akhirnya dapet juga dan lumayan banyak dapetnya. Tapi biarpun terhitung baru, achievementnya udah banyak loh. Udah debut resmi di Jepang, punya album + single berbahasa Jepang dan Korea, langganan dapet award, punya kerjaan sambilan (maksudnya selain jadi pemain band, mereka ada yang jadi aktor, model iklan, ikutan reality show, dll). Woaah, pokoknya CN Blue wajib masuk playlist anda sodara-sodara!

Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)
Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン
Position: Guitarist, Vocalist
Date of Birth: May 15, 1990
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile
Instrument : Paul Red Smith (custom 22),Gibson (historic 1959, Les Paul electric guitar),Carvin (custom shop bolt),Martin (HD 28)

- Hello Kitty was Jonghyun’s favourite . He used to use pink colour Hello Kitty guitar picks! *kenapa pada suka sama Hello Kitty? It's unreal! Sampe Cheondoong juga suka Hello Kitty T____T*
- He was quite famous ulzzang before debut and nicknamed as “Ulzzang Baby”
- He loves to use word “Hentai” to his Japanese fans lol
- This boy will be talkative when it comes to food, but he not favor greasy food such as pizza and spaghetti
- He’s crazy about kids …*ahh he will be a good father i hope* Prove: here
- He didn’t pierce his ears and never dyed his hair *good boy
- He spotted wearing same mysterious  ring on his middle finger *made BurningSouls damn curious*
- He neverrarely buy new clothes/shirts/jeans. He only wears fan gift, other members clothes,or stealing other members gift *He is stingy Busan Namja*
- He always appointed himself as “Guitar Freak” (Guitar Jaeng-yi ).
- He never understand concept of MONEY *mwo?*
- He living at Japan for 4 years during his childhood years and he entered primary school one year late coz he was living at Japan before that.
- His lucky number is 0
- Lately nicknamed as Haraboji (grandfather)
- He has thick Busan Satturi (accent).He’s still improving his Seoul accent
- Artist he influenced by is  BUMP OF CHICKEN,Hoobastank, Eric Beneath, Brian Mc Knight, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sanbora.
- JH’s worked for 6 monthes at his  uncle’s (Father’s elder brother) restaurant before. Restaurant website 
- Piano and guitar are his first instrument and he can play bass and harmonica really well too
- He found that Eric Clapton is the most ADORABLE person he had ever seen.
- As a big fan of Eric Clapton, JongHyun has same instrumental guitar as Eric Clapton : Eric Clapton Limited Edition 00028 Madagascar Martin Guitars
- First CD that JongHyun bought himself is Eric Clapton Album
- His middle school is SongDo Middle School
- JongHyun was a student at BooKyung High School before he move to Seoul, and he was appointed as Judo team co-captain.
- Lee Jonghyun likes girls who look good in simple white shirt and jeans.
- His favorite meal is the Yoshinoya’s A-set.
- He felt so lucky debuting with CNBLUE because he got to meet Kim Bum Soo, his idol.
- Jonghyun has a lot of Adidas training wear.
- Among many songs that Jonghyun composed, he is most satisfied with “Lie”.
- Jonghyun envies Minhyuk, because he has a sexy body.
- When Jonghyun was in primary three, his friends suspected that he wasn’t a Korean, so he ran back home to ask his father about his ‘origin’.
-  Jonghyun wants to perform in a rock festival like Summer Sonic (Japanese Rock Fest), with many other artists.
- He is CNBLUE’s second leader and Yonghwa thinks he helps to firmly pull the team together. He is very reliable.
- Among the CNBLUE members, Jonghyun is the touchiest. He naturally massages, leans on other’s shoulder, hug and hold hands with other members.
- Jonghyun said if he isn’t in CNBLUE, he wants to be an athlete.
- All members of CNBLUE said in an interview that Lee Jonghyun is the member that likes pretty girls the most.
- Jonghyun was athlete of Taekwondo and Judo. He got Black belt for both. *WoW*
- Jonghyun is a second child and has an elder sister.
- Jonghyun wanted to learn drums.
- Jonghyun doesn’t like spaghetti.
- Jonghyun’s first kiss was when he was 2nd year of middle school, at the stair of institute.
- On his 20th birthday, Jonghyun got a DVD of Son Ye Jin’s (his ideal woman) movies from fans. 
- Jonghyun even has the same guitar as Carlos Santana. It’s a PRS guitar.
- He’s the most trusted among the members and he takes care of everybody.
- He thinks he looks more handsome after taking a bath.
- Jonghyun talks about love: “When you fall, you fall and your head hurts so you get dizzy.”
- Jonghyun shakes his legs before going to the stage because he is often nervous.
- Jonghyun said he felt comfortable as he got a role as a guitarist and vocalist in Acoustic, pretty much his everyday life.

Ini gue dapet dari blog seseorang. Keren banget itu blognya, all about Jonghyun. Nama blognya aja Guitar Freak. Hwaaa iriiii....Terus yang bagian instrument, karena gue bukan musisi a.k.a ga bisa mainin alat musik apapun selain pianika, soo I don't understant about Paul Smith custom 22 atau apalah itu. Aaah jadi pengen bisa main gitar T,T

Time for photos!

burning souls!Fire...fire!!

jebal, don't show your "chic smile"!



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