In My Head

I wanna go farther, beyond the light
Catch my dream in my hand
This is our unwavering hope
I wanna it’d light at once
I wanna to make someone laugh
I wanna pour out each others’ heart and release them now
Hear in my head
It’s far beyond imagination
In my head, catch the same future that we envisioned
In my head, it’s majestic and nobody knows
Touch the brilliance
In my head, I believe in our capabilities with confidence
In my head, passion is a painful but sweet desire
In my head, we’ll always stay the way we are
In my head, it’s also a fleeting painful dream
The way we go and around, the shadows alongside each other are swaying
In my eyes, I feel heat, it’s our dream with no doubt
I wanna, our hearts with various colors
I wanna, if they’d become one
I wanna, for all the tears to change into sweats called hope
Hear in my head, the brightening shining lights
In my head, we are encourage to head for tomorrow
In my head, let my resound voice echo
In my head, the moment when the wind flows
In my head, what do we feel?
In my head, let ourselves out in the open
In my head my head it’s a hope that will never waver
Hear in my head, at the end of many tough adversities
In my head, we’ll always stay the way we are


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